About Us

H20 Films is owned by Bryan Stanislas who first started using cameras when he was around six years old. Around this age he discovered the magical world of Jacque Cousteau’s 'The Silent World' film and the 'Underwater World' series of programs which began his journey in becoming an underwater film maker. Some years on he is now an underwater cameraman and qualified HSE Commercial Media Diver, Diving Instructor with over 25 years experience in the film and marine industry.  He first started surface filming in the early 90’s and quickly moved into underwater filming and photography and has also worked in SFX specialising in water and fire related areas.  Bryan has an extensive safety background knowledge in both areas as well as being an accomplished surface marine camera operator.

Bryan is able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to client productions assuring the filming is kept within budgets whilst quality of client expectations is met.